You Need To Take Care Of That Windshield Crack ASAP

There’s a crack in your windscreen. It has been there for a few weeks now. It’s in the corner anyway so you do not truly give it much thought. Since it doesn’t really look like it’s a major thing you hold off doing a Phoenix windshield replacement or mend and just go about your business. […]

The True Value of Phoenix Windshield Replacement Insurance Coverage

Not everybody likes to look at a cracked or busted windshield. It is in part as a direct effect of a false impression that any wreck necessitates a window to get replaced and that insurance firms will refuse to handle the cost of the job. Mostly, window mend is truly the wherewithal to fix Problems […]

Why You Should Not Fix Your Own Windshield

Let’s talk about prices – well at least to a certain degree. Between a repair and a full car windshield replacement which one do you think is the more expensive option? As if you need to think about it for more than a few seconds. Obviously the replacement will be the more expensive one – […]

3 Things To Consider Regarding Windshield Replacement

The windshield is by far the most important part of a vehicle. In fact, recent studies have concluded that the windshield actually provides 70 percent of a vehicles structural support for the roof. Likewise, the windshield plays a vital role in keeping the occupants from being thrown away in case of an accident. Windshield cracks […]

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