When to Consider Phoenix Windshield Repair or Replacement

A lot of us are so concerned about our safety when driving.  That is why when we purchase a car, we are so particular of its safety features like side airbag protection and anti-lock brakes. Likewise, we consider these features as important as the car’s fuel efficiency and the battery’s reliability. We tend to give little attention to one vital part of the vehicle that serves not just as a structural shield but as support to other parts of the vehicle itself, the windshield.

The windshield of an automobile protects the vehicle’s occupants from wind and the elements that go with it such as dust, insects, small rocks (especially in Arizona) as well as the sun’s UV radiation. Modern windshields are made of laminated safety glass, a type of treated glass consisting of two curved sheets of glass with a plastic layer in between for safety and are glued into the frame. On the other hand, early windshields were just made of ordinary window glass that often causes serious injuries in the event of a vehicular accident. Thus, the windshield is considered as one of the most important parts of an automobile because it does not only protect the occupant from debris outside but from the possibility of being thrown away during an accident if the windshield is not strong enough.

Phoenix Windshield Replacement vs. Repair

The car’s windshield glass is one of the vehicle’s parts that easily break. It may be caused by a lot of factors like a nick of a stone or sharp objects, mechanical stress or sudden change in temperature. Similarly, anything that hits your windshield at a fast speed can possibly cause the damage. When this happen, it does not necessarily mean that the windshield has to be replaced especially if the damage is not pretty obvious and can be fixed. It is much more advisable that a repair be done since the quality of windshield in vehicles is far better than the replacement ones because of the tests that are required by the government to certify these vehicles to meet certain standards. Windshield repair has actually become popular these days for safety purposes; it’s affordable and very simple that most people can do at home.

On the other hand, this tiny damage can compromise the quality of the windshield and may even put the occupants at a high risk when accident occurs. The damage may start from a small unnoticeable chip and can actually result to an obviously irreparable damage. When this happens, Phoenix windshield replacement is the best solution. You should not wait for a big crack, especially if it’s more than three inches, to become evident before you do something about it or before accident happens. Bear in mind that the longer you wait to have it replaced, the higher the risk it can cause trouble while you drive.

A properly installed windshield plays a vital role in keeping you safe and supporting other parts of your car. Never ignore small cracks or chip as it not only affect your visibility but may compromise your windshield’s integrity and even result to accident. Windshield repair is good. It’s safe, convenient and cost-effective. But if situation calls for it, replacement is a must so as to avoid further damage and the likelihood of a serious injury if accident occurs.

By [Maryanne Whisman]


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