Why You Should Not Fix Your Own Windshield

Let’s talk about prices – well at least to a certain degree. Between a repair and a full car windshield replacement which one do you think is the more expensive option? As if you need to think about it for more than a few seconds. Obviously the replacement will be the more expensive one – many times more expensive.

But you have vehicle insurance is probably what you’re thinking. They will pay for it right. Yes it’s true that most vehicle insurance will pay for something like this but you have to know that there is a catch.

This is it: they will pay for the rest of the replacement but you will still need to pay the deductible which can still be a pretty penny. And even then you may still wind up having to pay all of it if the company figures it’s not covered under the terms of the policy.

Surprisingly though a lot of them have no problem paying for a repair. They will even waive the deductible fee. This is probably because for them it is still a whole lot cheaper to pay for a full repair than to pay for a car windshield replacement even if you pay the deductible.

Even if that were the case a lot of people are still not able to make use of it because they may not have that kind of coverage as part of their insurance. Or most of them don’t bother since they think that if they charge it to the insurance company their premiums will go up. Some do, some don’t – it depends on the company.

That’s why a lot of them take matters into their own hands. This means trying to fix the crack in the windshield themselves. The bad part about it is that many don’t even use items that are meant for windshield repair, which may have dire consequences in the long run.

One such repair tool they use in lieu of a professional repair or car windshield replacement, is, and here comes the drum roll, nail polish. That’s right, nail polish – as long as it’s the clear type of nail polish. The theory is the liquid will permeate the cracks and harden. This is the same theory of using the second tool, that of super glue. They even say super glue is better since it’s finer so it can really reach those minute nooks and crannies.

Of course therein lays the problem. One of them is the fact that since these two things are not made for this kind of job they won’t bond well with the glass hence they simply fill but not repair. The second is that they are not meant to be exposed to direct sunlight so they may wind up discoloring which can add to the problem since they will potentially obscure your vision.

Another thing you need to consider too when opting out of a professional car windshield replacement or repair is the effect of temperature changes, especially extreme hot or extreme cold. There’s also the question about how it will stand to pressure especially from the wind as you drive down the road.

Doing these kinds of repairs can help if you’re still saving money to have it professionally done or to eventually have it replaced. However, do remember that the longer you wait the faster you increase your chances of getting hurt should the unthinkable happen.

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